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Manufacturing of carbonated mineral water by Jacob Schweppes

Mineral drinks with carbonic acid produced from lime and sulfuric acid were developed by the Frenchman Gabriel Venel in 1750 and Englishman Richard Bewley in 1768. A few years later in 1783, Jacob Schweppes, a young watchmaker and amateur scientist perfected an efficient system for manufacturing carbonated mineral water.

Carbonated waters were developed to imitate the popular and naturally discharged waters from other famous springs. Jacob Schweppes started factory in Geneva in 1783 and founded the Schweppes Company.
Jacob Schweppes
He relocated to London, England in 1790 and opened a branch in the same year. Since then the addition of flavorings to aerated water has seen the development of major soft drinks brands throughout the world. To meet the need for carbonated soft drinks, the soda fountain was developed by Samuel Fahnestock in the United States in 1819.

However, it was not until 1832 that carbonated beverages became popular, when John Mathews developed his machine for carbonating water.
Manufacturing of carbonated mineral water by Jacob Schweppes
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